January 26, 2015

MusicCrushMonday: Neguim​Beats & GrazeBox

Hey guys, Happy New Year!
Excited for 2015 to bring you guys TONS of new content.

I promise to do better with blogging this year. I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so I like to wait until I have quality content to share with you.
But, let's get to this week's #MCM: NeguimBeats
I don't even know how to describe this guy's music.
The eargasms do the talking for themselves.


Shoutout to @grazeusa for this box! 
Ingredients non GMO, no artificial flavors, no HFCS, and no trans fat, right up my alley!
If one of your resolutions was getting healthy this year, this box is a great way to try new healthy snacks that come conveniently pre-packaged!