May 30, 2015


- Final grades were posted & on the plus side, I made the Dean's List. On the minus side, I was 0.6 points away from an A in one of my classes. Some professors just don't deserve nice words.
- Currently begging for an extra 0.6 points in my professor's inbox as I write this. Seriously though? 0.6 of a point?
- Going to Michaels is extremely distracting if you are artistic. I almost bought 3 canvas' for the sake of a sale. Then I remembered I can barely paint a wall let alone a portrait.
- Never rent books from Barnes & Noble. Stick with Chegg if you don't want unnecessary withdrawals from your bank account.
- Ginger tea will change your life. Add honey & it tastes just like Chai. Or am I crazy..
- Thank you Burger King for bringing back chicken fries. Thanks for the saturated fat.
- No, I don't want to install the updates Apple. Retry again, NEXT YEAR.
- I got locked out of my car yesterday and had to pay a stranger $60 to unlock it for me.
- I borrowed a strangers phone when I left mine in my LOCKED car & then he asked for my number. Really dude? Do you NOT see I'm in a crisis?!
- My internship went from unpaid to paid, two weeks in. I'm extremely happy about that because I don't have to get a job & I can keep my mornings for ME-time. Think they'll comp the hours I've already done? (ok now I'm just being greedy)