May 2, 2015

10 randoms (that you may/may not care about)

I haven't updated my blog often at all. I'm literally sitting here breaking my New Years Resolutions as we speak.

10 Randoms of the Week

1) I found a brand new copy of The Alchemist at a thrift store that I instantly purchased because it's Pharrell's favorite book. Maybe it will help me become like Pharrell.

2) I also went to Trader Joe's, in which I did NOT pick up a cart to put my things in (for fear of buying too much). I bought 3 things totaling $7.77. I should start gambling.

3) Trader Joe's > Whole Foods

4) The Period Tracker app is a blessing & a curse. It states that my time of the month falls directly on the same day as DEMF. Devestating. I'm going to pray that it's an early prediction. (TMI ..maybe)

5) My April Favorites playlist is COMING! It's a couple of days late but I'M SORRY that I was just too busy FINISHING COLLEGE.

6) Girls is my new favorite show. It really makes me look forward to those post-college years I have left in my 20s. It also makes me jealous of Lena Dunham.

7) I just finished reading Lena Dunham's book (is this whole post about Lena Dunham?) & I've decided that I love her. Mainly because she reminds me of myself and isn't life about being narcissistic?

8) Cookie butter from Trader Joe's tastes the exact same as Biscoff. But actually, Biscoff may be a bit better. Actually, Biscoff is way better.

9) I've decided that Q'Doba > Chipotle. Mainly because of their cookies. And the last time I went to Chipotle they were out of black beans. WHO RUNS OUT OF BLACK BEANS.

10) Michelle Obama was 20 minutes from me yesterday. Yeah. That deserved to be #10.