August 5, 2015

Saint Laurent SP/SU 16: thrifty?

As soon as I saw this collection for the first time, I knew instantly that I had to blog about it.
As many of you know, I am a lover of anything vintage. The thrill of the hunt excites me SO much. I have a deep love and appreciation for things from previous decades. I am also into reconstructing items from the past into modern-day wear.
The Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2016 collection is right up my alley as it is filled with items that are extremely vintage and 90s inspired. This collection is amazing because not many of us can actually watch a fashion show and have the means to go out and purchase the extravagant items that we see. This collection contains looks that can easily be re-created with items from your local thrift or vintage store.
(I may even do a thrift challenge where I re-create an outfit from this collection....)

Here is the video with all of the looks as well as some of my favorites
 from the collection.