August 5, 2015


- I got harassed by 5 guys for eating veggie chips with my lunch. "I can smell the sodium on those things" (#kGoSitSomewhereElse with your quinoa and spinach salad)
- A veggie chip will not kill you, fyi.
- Seeing Disclosure front row was the highlight of my DEMF experience this year. Also, Method Man (from the Wu Tang clan) decided to do a moshpit.
- Moshpits are not for short people, FYI.
- My family decided to have our family picnic on the hottest day of the summer. What awesome planning.
- If it's 90 degrees out or hotter, I'm probably inside for the day. UNLESS I'm on vacation, obvz.
- The Chicago transit system has me completely confused. How am I supposed to have any fun when I'm on a train for 5 hours going the wrong way?
- I met&got on stage with Rainer&Grimm and didn't get carded in Chi-Town. I also get to the door expecting to pay a cover & the bouncer says they're paying people to come in. HA! That's what I like to call MEANT TO BE HERE.
- Deep dish pizza is not all Chicago has to offer. Try Amorino, it will change your life.
- If America has pizza this good, I must visit Italy ..SOON.