September 11, 2015

Current Favorites | August

Snack: Cinnamon ice cream. Seriously guys? How have I not known about this, also MINT OREO THINS (makes you not feel as guilty for eating a whole row in one sitting).

Drink: Peppermint lemonade. It's unexpectedly satisfying.

Skincare/Mascara: Mary Kay. Seriously guys, this brand is absolutely awesome.

Lipstick: Colourpop. I've never had lipsticks that have been this pigmented in my entire life. And for only $5? I'm sold.

Eyeliner: Milani. This brand is seriously the most pigmented I've found thus far in my many years of eyeliner wearing. And it's a drugstore brand! Can't beat it.

Protein: Iso 100 in BROWNIE BATTER. Seriously guys, if you dread having a protein shake after your workout this will change your mind.

Restaurant: Amorino in Chicago. Best pizza I've had in a lonnnnnnng time.

Vegetable: Beets. Seriously, beet apple lemon juice has been my go-to ever since trying it at Urge. I refuse to pay $13 for a bottle every time I crave it so I  make it myself. SO good.

City: Wicker Park. If you're an artsy weirdo like myself you will love it here. It has a ton of awesome restaurants, vintage shops, record stores, and bookstores. Such a cool place.